Technology Committee


Send us leads to new technologies being developed, implemented or in use today, [email protected].

Articles of Interest

About the Technology Committee

The TFCA Technology Committee was created to improve the resources concerning advancing technology to the TFCA membership.  The current committee has established three priorities to accomplish this:

  1. Provide a searchable database on departments and/or agencies implementing or using various types of technology. Departments who want references for specific technology projects which are provided without bias.
  2. Communicate to the membership regarding new or evolving technologies (See technology articles above)
  3. Communicate to the membership technology specific events related to public safety technologies

The Technology Committee is consistently working to add value to the membership and act as a resource for those technology related challenges facing the Texas Fire Service today. 

To contact the Technology Committee, send an email to [email protected]. We welcome input on our goals and information that may be of value to the membership.

Technology Committee

  • Paul Siebert, TEEX – Committee Chair
  • David Martinez, Coleman Fire Department
  • William Carpenter, Frisco Fire Department
  • Clay Kitchens, Longview Fire Department
  • Cory Claborn, Wylie Fire Department
  • John Denison, Cedar Hill Fire Department
  • Glen Johnson, Garland Fire Department
  • Patrick Hagan, Houston Fire Department
  • Jens Jensen, Galveston Fire Department
  • Karl Kuhlman, San Marcos Fire Department